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Products——Internet Data Center
Shanghai Euroidcservice entitles the resources advantage to provide various supreme Internet products and services to customers by riding directly on both China Telecom and China Unicom Internet core network. Services provide including virtual hosting, email system, managed servers or VIP machine rooms, broadband, digital data network, servers rental and other fundamental services. We also provide value added services i.e. network utilization monitoring, network security, data backup and restore, server hosting maintenance to satisfied all the needs of different customers
Server Hosting
We provide enterprise with secured, reliable and cost effective server hosting solutions, including single server hosting, full/half rack, rack only, VIP machine room and other options. In additional we provide high speed, reliable and secure network environment with rich and standard services packages
Equipment Rental
Includes servers rental, network equipment rental, firewall rental, storage rental, reliable/ performance improvement devices rental and other data center related products rental service. Rental services allow customers to further reduce and control IT budget, lower one time investment and allow business quickly to be in used
Network Access
Refers to the connection between customer sites’ Internet to Internet Data Center. The high quality broadband resources provided customers a stable and high speed Internet link which can improve the data transfer efficiency and security between customers to IDC
Shanghai Hulan Data Center
Shanghai Hulan Data Centre conveniently located in 523 Hulan Road, Baoshan District and equipped with dual city powers and UPS providing 99.99% power supply availability protection. It provides 7x24 service support with onsite engineers and real time network monitoring

▪ The building construction can support up to seismic grade 8 against earthquake, typhoon or thunder
▪ Total construction area: 5000 meter square
▪ Hosting area coverage: 1,800 meter square
▪ Hosting area coverage: 1,800 meter square
▪ Maximum weight support from floor: 750Kg
▪ Ceiling Height: 4.5 Meter
▪ Hosting area coverage: 1,800 meter square
▪ Raise floor Height: 50 CM
Shanghai Telecom Nanhui IDC
Nanhui IDC located at Shanghai 5788 Yanggao Road Nanhui Information Industrial Park, is one of the Asia Pacific core telecommunication Hub covers an area of around 155.71 hectares. Nanhui Data Centre rides on the platform of China Telecom Industrial Park with sufficient bandwidth within Data Centre, connecting throughput of 40Gbps links directly to the ChineNet backbone network and becoming the leader in Shanghai region. The data centre network is built with full resilience without single point of failure, Gigabit Ethernet to overcome bandwidth bottleneck. High availability and throughput is achieved by using Cisco high performance routers and switches.

The Data centre equipped with 200V UPS ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the IDC room, and built with redundant high power feeds intelligent UPS. A 2+2 backup and four way communication power supplies where the batteries are sufficient providing all IDC devices running for 2 hours. The IDC is architectonic earth quake proof constructed to seismic grade 8 and floor load bearing of 1,000Kg/m2
Shanghai ChinaUnicom Zhoupu IDC
Cloud East China hybrid cloud architecture core node, customizable VIP area and high electrical cabinet provides a more flexible use of environmental resources, but also the city of choice for disaster recovery room
Independent data center construction, against 8 earthquake, strong anti-storm, lightning

Total floor area: 21,427 square meters

Hosting an area: 4958 square meters

Maximum floor load: 810 kg
Network Access

350Gbps access Unicom carrier metro backbone network.

20Gbps BGP docking Telecom, China Unicom, the mobile backbone network.
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